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Putting Your Agent At The Front OF The Queue

For many prospective commercial & residential property owners and investors they are faced with the tough decision of choosing the right agent. Today, finding a commercial & residential real estate in NSW is easy. But finding an agent that will be best suited to individual’s requirements is more difficult. Placing yourself in front of prospective clients with unique organic search technology, will give your agent the leg-up it deserves.

Reputation Matters.

Prospective clients will look around and investigate your reputation. They will be keen to dig a little deeper, to find out if you perform in a professional manner and are committed to impressing them. Like any form of investment, commercial & residential real estate can be tricky and complex.

Simple mistakes are generally the most common that catches out even the most experienced. It generally comes down to a lack of due diligence. A commercial or residential real estate agent that places themselves in front of their target audience will create a sense of authority with in the local market that provides a foundation to build reputation and trust.

Commercial and residential property investors continually make simple mistakes that reputable agents can quickly point out to prospective clients.

Building a relationship with a highly qualified Finance or Mortgage Broker, can help you secure the best finance options when looking to buy your next property. Most real estate agents will have connections with Mortgage Brokers so make sure to ask.

Simple Steps Investors Make
  • Making the incorrect property choice

Failing to choose a property that meets the financial goals and risk profile is the most common mistake of all. Clients need to be clear about their motivations to invest from the outset, to ensure they only buy investment properties that best meet their needs.

  • Investing in low rental demand areas

Investors fail to analyze factors that tenants require within the intended property. Such requirements may include onsite parking, access to public transport, location. Zoning is also an important factor that will have long-term impacts on the ability to attract tenants.

  • Full and proper due diligence

Failing to complete full due diligence on a prospective investment leaves investors to deal with un-compliant regulations and requirements at local, state and federal levels.

  • Wrong location

Increase in capital value and rental return of commercial & residential real estate are both largely determined by supply and demand. Location is the driving force behind demand for property rental, and therefore location should be a priority factor motivating a purchase. Prospective clients motivated to purchase a commercial or residiential property for investment will rely upon your ability as a local agent to provide information based on these simple mistakes.

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